About BFS

Believers Finishing School (BFS) is a training bootcamp developed to polish believers and help them express who they truly are in Christ.

BFS is organized by Christ Lifeline Ministry, a non-denominational Christian organization (www.christlifeline.org); a 10 minute documentary about the ministry is also online

The objectives of BFS include:

  • To equip believers to identify and fulfil their purpose on earth.
  • To train believers how to apply God’s Word in everyday life and excel in ministry, family and business/career.
  • To raise effective Christians that will overcome life’s challenges and live a lifestyle that attracts others to Christ.
  • To develop “change agents” that will serve as channels of revival in various church denominations.​

The maiden edition of BFS was held between 13th – 16th August 2014 at Shiloh Apartments, Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun State and it was attended by over 40 participants.

The BFS has been packaged to make believers excel in all ramifications of life even as they prepare to get a grand celebration when they get to heaven.

About Christ Lifeline

Meet the BFS Faculty

The facilitators from BFS are powerful men/women of God from all works of life that have implemented that concepts and teachings in BFS and have seen the results in their lives. The profiles of some of them are shown below:

Gabriel Ajibade | Counselor, Christ Lifeline Ministry

Gabriel is a pragmatic bible teacher, coach and counselor in biblical leadership and character development.

Adeyiga Awomuti | Dir. Projects, Christ Lifeline Ministry

Adeyiga is a teacher of God’s word and an astute business analyst cum manager. He is the director of Projects/Ministr

Emeka Ofia | Dir. Christ Lifeline Mentors

Emeka works with an Int'l Petroleum Trading firm in Dubai, UAE. He’s also the Director of Christ Lifeline Mentors

Tope S. Aladenusi | President, Christ Lifeline Ministry

Tope is currently the president of Christ Lifeline Ministry and the executive publisher of Today’s Lifeline magazine

Daniel Oyebamiji (MD) | Medical Doctor

Daniel Oyebamiji (MD) is a practicing Medical Doctor as well as a teacher of the unadulterated Word of God.

Femi Akinola | Pastor

Femi Akinola is a minister of God's great news with a commitment to serve his generation in the power of the Holy Spirit

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