Since I went for BFS in 2022, my life has never remained the same. I’ve had numerous encounter with God revealing Himself in different dimensions.
Just like yesterday I remembered vividly the baptism of the holy spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and also the shift in mindset about tongue speaking.
Christ Lifeline has helped me see salvation from a different perspective and helped me to see who I am in Christ from a better point of view.
Christ Lifeline has impacted my life tremendously. The teachings and hospitality during the Believers Finishing School was awesome. God bless Christ Lifeline.
I attended BFS, and the truths about God and His kingdom that I received from the program changed my work with God.
It has opened my eyes to the great riches and blessings we have in Christ Jesus, as believers
Massively,I was part of 2014 BFS which was the first kind of BFS, since then my life has never been the same again. The program served as a veils removers in my spiritual journey with God.
Joel Oluwafemi
It's an eye opening to God's word and it helps my growth in studying God's word.
Mr. & Mrs. Ademola
Christ Lifeline really helped me to get my faith journey on the right path and I am thankful in particular for first BFS which I was part of. It was the major turning point in my walk with God
Christ lifeline is a blessing to the whole world. My first encounter with New creation realities began with BFS, I am no longer the same since 2018 that I attended BFS

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